What is Identity Literacy?

Identity Literacy, in its simplest form, can be described as 3 core abilities.

1. The ability to critically integrate cultural information we encounter into our sense of self.

2. The ability to know how our identities affect our thoughts and actions against others.

3. The ability to adapt our identities to meet our social needs and overcome challenges.

How is this different from identity politics?

In the academic world, identity is a multidimensional concept that encompasses various aspects of an individual's self-perception, including their personal, social, cultural, and psychological characteristics. It is studied from psychological, educational, neurobiological, and anthropological perspectives, aiming to understand how identity develops, influences behavior, and interacts with social contexts.

On the other hand, identity in the context of identity politics refers to the collective identification and mobilization of marginalized groups based on shared experiences of discrimination and oppression. It focuses on advocating for social justice, challenging power structures, and promoting the recognition and rights of these groups.

While both concepts involve the notion of identity, they differ in their scope and objectives, with the academic understanding being broader and encompassing individual and group identities, while identity politics focuses on collective mobilization and activism.

Which platform is training delivered on?

Content is delivered through a range of methods including email, Moodle and online workshops.

Can you provide training for the whole school?

Yes we can! We can deliver a wide range of training both online and hybrid training.

Please send us an email to info(at)identityliteracy.org

I'd like to know more about auditing my school policies and practices.

We can provide a comprehensive auditing service to ensure best practices are enacted at every level of the school - from training and classroom practices to protection and safeguarding.

Please contact us at info(at)identityliteracy.org to discuss this in more detail.

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